48 ft flatbed trailer

  • Tatlong Axle 48 Ft 40 Ton Flatbed Semi Trailer

    Tatlong Axle 48 Ft 40 Ton Flatbed Semi Trailer

    Sophisticated technology: the main components of the three axle flatbed trailers are processed by advanced equipment, the longitudinal beams are welded by fully automatic tracking submerged arc welding machine; the parts of the vehicle are shot peened, which greatly increases the adhesion of the paint, and the assembly parts are painted first and then assembled Craftsmanship. The three axle flatbed trailer’s frame is a space frame structure composed of welded longitudinal beams made of 16Mn automotive steel plates and high-strength steel plates and integral through beams. The structure is reasonable and the bearing capacity is strong. Axle: Use imported or domestic high-quality brand axles, and choose the ABS anti-lock brake system of well-known brands at home and abroad to improve the driving safety of the vehicle.

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